17 July 2011

Praying for Each Other

Each Monday I will be posting prayer requests so that we can hold one another up and pray for each other throughout the week.

You can e-mail your prayers requests to me at iamalongfortheride[@]gmail[.]com. I will be out of town today, so feel free to leave a comment with your requests.

Heather: My husband, Ben, just lost his job on Friday and will be looking for something new in the next few weeks. Please pray that he will find where God is calling him to. Also, please pray for me as I try my hardest not to be anxious through the whole situation. (I just wrote about the situation and my anxiety over on my blog: http://heatherirenep.blogspot.com/2011/07/hi-my-name-is-anxiety-and-im-well.html)

Ashleyfeel the need to ask for prayer for my husband and myself to resume tithing.  We haven't tithed in so long (a year).  We are feeling convicted about not returning to the Lord what He has given us.  So if you could please pray we would have a soft heart to Him and be a gracious about giving.  

Victoria: I would like you to pray for me, for God to help me save my money to buy some paint for my room, please. I would appreciate that very much. 

AlanaMy prayer request would be for my little brother. He has Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, or ITP. This is a blood disorder in which the immune system destroys his platelets. Platelets are what help our blood to clot when we get cut. Because his platelets are low, his blood doesn't clot as easily which can lead to serious problems if he were to fall and hit his head. He is only four years old so we have to keep a very close eye on him. A normal persons platelet count is anywhere between 150,000 to 200,000. His stay between 5,000 to 10,000 but have been as low as 4,000. Please pray for his platelets to rise so that he can stop going to the doctor every week and enjoy a normal childhood. 

ValI would like prayers for my and my fiance who have been seperated for a time being do to circumstance out of our control. I am uncertain when i will see him again. I miss him terrible and pray that hes with me again soon that we may continue on with our wedding we had planned for september. I am trying to keep faith that we are supposed to have this wedding and all the magic that goes with that. That god will bring us together again and allow us to have the all the love and happiness on that special day we have been planning for so long.

Me: My mom has her last big chemo treatment tomorrow. Please pray for her and that the Lord gives her continued strength to get over the last hurdle. He has blessed my family immensely in ways we don't even realize yet.

EllenI am having spine surgery this week...was scheduled for last week and had to be cancelled at the last minute, so please pray for peace for me and that it goes well! 


  1. I am having spine surgery this week...was scheduled for last week and had to be cancelled at the last minute, so please pray for peace for me and that it goes well! thanks!

  2. I feel like this post was meant for me. My dad recently lost his job this past Friday and I'm suffering from low platelet counts too (Though not as severe) and have had quite a few blood tests but no diagnosis. Thank you for this series. It's been giving me something to pray for.

  3. I will hold all of these in prayer this week. Thanks for hosting this, it really helps shake me back to reality if I get too caught up in my own problems.

  4. I too am praying for all of these ladies. Thank you for sharing and allowing me to be a part of this. Its greatly appreciated.

  5. I will be praying for all of these ladies.

  6. Prayed and will keep on doing so!

  7. Thank you all for the prayers! I have an update to my request. My husband just called to let me know that another electrician just called him about his resume that the Independent Electrical Contractors sent out. He starts tomorrow! Such a huge blessing.


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