25 July 2011

Praying for Each Other

Each Monday I will be posting prayer requests so that we can hold one another up and pray for each other throughout the week.

You can e-mail your prayers requests to me at iamalongfortheride[@]gmail[.]com. I will be out of town today, so feel free to leave a comment with your requests.

MariaFor my Goddaughter Aya, who is suffering from Reactive Attachment Disorder. The family is suffering, too. She was adopted 4 years ago and hasn't really gotten any better. She's 8 now.

Oh WritePlease pray for our sweet boy, Truett, as he was recently diagnosed with a heart condition. This diagnosis will require surgery sometime during his first year of life. Please pray for my husband and I to have wisdom in making decisions about his care and treatment. Also pray for health and strength for Truett.

MelissaMy husband and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary in less than a month and I just ask prayer that God would keep growing us together in Him and we would find jobs that God would have for us and be able to pay off our student debt.

MariaMy friend Becca went home to meet Jesus today. Pray that her husband and two girls would find peace and great comfort in seeking the Lord during this time. Pray that they would pour their hearts out to Him in prayer and be comforted by the church body. Pray for her girls they are seven and four, so I'm sure it will be hard on their young hearts. We are thankful that she is no longer in pain, but it is truly bittersweet, she had such a beautiful heart for the Lord and people.

Also, my husband and I have started saving for adoption! This is a praise that we are very excited about! However, now the medical bills from all my thyroid issues are beginning to roll in and I am worried that we may have to halt on saving for awhile to pay for those. So, I would like appreciate prayer for us trusting the Lord to be our provider in this area. I would also ask for prayer on me maybe starting some kind of small business/part time job to fund our adoption desire. Pray that we would be sensitive to God's leading and choose to believe that He is bigger than numbers. 

MelanieMy husband and I could really use prayer this week as he and his doctors decide about an upcoming surgery. We have 3 children, the youngest of which is 2 months. Please pray that we will be able to make it through these hard times and give God the glory, trusting Him along the way. 

MoniquePlease pray for my 2 month daughter, she is not eating very well and I'm afraid she's losing weight. I'm so worried about her.

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