25 July 2011

The Story of How We Met

In celebration of our two-year anniversary, I thought I'd share with you the story of how my husband Kyle and I met.

Short story: 
We met through a mutual friend. I went to Ohio State University. One of my best friends at OSU went to high school with Kyle (who was at the University of Cincinnati).

Long story: 
One day in high school, I found a hubcap on the side of the road and decided to take it home. I collect a lot of things (I think I just collect collections), and thus began my hubcap collection.

I took my hubcap to college and hung it on the wall. I was an RA my sophomore year and my residents would bring me hubcaps to add to my collection. It was quite a collection.

 During his sophomore year of college (on the other side of the sate), Kyle and his roommate found a hubcap. They took it home and Kyle had a brilliant idea of turning the hubcap into a clock. Thus began their collection of hubcap clocks.

One day, one of my best friends (who was an RA with me) instant messaged me (remember that?) with a link to her friend from high school's pictures. I clicked on it and started to scan through some pictures of an apartment, and scattered throughout were hubcaps.

I messaged her back and said "I think he's my soulmate."

A few second later, up popped a message from the maker of the hubcap clocks (Kyle) and he said "hey baby, this is the hubcap king." 

Kyle thought he was just going to make a silly joke and then it would be the end of the conversation. Little did we know...

We talked online forever that night. We got up enough courage to call each other a few days later. And then in the spring of 2005, we met in person, and of course, Kyle brought me a hubcap clock.

We were married July 25, 2009. We had an antique hubcap on our head table at our wedding.

We have two hubcaps hanging in our apartment with many, many more in storage.

We will probably incorporate a hubcap or two into future nurseries. 

I know what you're thinking... really? Truly. This is how my husband and I met. I mean, could I really make this up?

Our love of junk still binds us together to this day (and many other things of course).

Kyle is my perfect match, my perfect partner. No, neither of us are perfect, but together we come awfully darn close.

Two years of marriage have flown by and I can honestly say that I love him more and more every day. I can't wait to grow old with him, and you better believe we're hanging up hubcaps in the nursing home. 


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  2. I went to OSU and lived in Cincinnati! I'm always amazed at the connections {however tenuous} that I find. :) Congratulations on the anniversary!

  3. What an adorable and cute story! Love fun stories like yours. Happy anniversary!

  4. What a fun and adorable story of how you met. My husband and I have a funny story of the first day we met. Perhaps I will do a post on it someday!

  5. Such a wonderful story. I love it!

  6. Oh, you two make such a lovely and adorable couple! :) And I love this story of how you met, too~ it is so sweet! :)


  7. that is the BEST "how we met" story I've heard in a long time. Congrats on the anniversary-- my hubs and I are celebrating two years tomorrow!

  8. oh my goodness, this is such a fun and unique story!! thanks for sharing! joel and i also met through a mutual friend in college.. i've been meaning to share our love story but just haven;t gotten around to it yet. probably cause i'm going to end up getting way too detailed with it.

    happy anniversary, laura!! hope you do something fun and romantic to celebrate!

  9. Hehe, I love this story! Who'd have thought you'd bond over such an unusual collection!!! :)

  10. Happy Anniversary!! You guys truly look like a "perfect pair". :) Enjoy your time together today!

  11. I love this story!!! Thank you for sharing how you and your sweetie met!

  12. I love fun stories, my husband and I have a strange one too. Maybe I'll share on my blog too.

  13. Oh, your Hubcap Love story is pure awesomeness! Love it n u should def keep the Hubcap medallion decor going. TFS and the Happiest, Hubcappiest of Anniversaries to a really neat couple!!! <3

  14. LOVE it! And that last picture of you two is absolutely adorable :)

  15. That's probably the most AWESOME love story I've ever heard!!!

  16. That's such a neat story, Laura! Thanks for sharing! :)

    And Happy Anniversary waaaaaaaaay too late. :/

  17. So fun! The long version is much more interesting! Gt here via Annalea's blog, BTW.


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