31 August 2011

Puffy Paint Pictures: A Tutorial(ish)

Our second bathroom is really big and it currently houses the litter box and not much else.

It was a sad space.

We have a few hand towels in there- one's plain blue and one is white with bright green leaves.

I used this as an inspiration for a few pieces of art to liven up the place.

I present to you puffy paint pictures and a semi-tutorial. I didn't take pictures of the process but it's super easy to explain.

- I bought a two-pack of canvas at Hobby Lobby and went to town.

- I had my hubby draw some leaves in each corner similar to the leaves on the hand towel.

- I used puffy paint to trace the lines of the leaves and let it dry overnight.

- I painted each canvas with three coats of acrylic paint. Make sure you let each coat dry well before you apply the second. That's how you make sure you will cover up the white puffy paint.

I love the way they turned out!!

Canvases: $4 (half off)
Puffy Paint: $2 (I bought 2)
Acrylic Paint: $4 (I bought two of each color)
Hubby's Art Skills: paid him in kisses

Not bad for a $10 project and a little jaunt to Hobby Lobby (I was already there anyway!)

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  1. Fun! Sometimes simple is best. I love the texture.

  2. Wonderful ~ love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing your creations and the how-to with us!!! Love Laurie

  3. That's a great idea! You gotta love easy peasy!

  4. Those are adorable!! Love them! Might want to do that now :)

  5. I totally saw something like this pinned on Pinterest a few weeks ago and thought I should totally make a few. I LOVE how yours turned out - they are super cute!

  6. Just lovely. I love the dimension it adds!

  7. I love how these turned out!! I have been seeing these all over Pinterest and I have wanted to try something like it!!! Super cute!!

  8. Great job! Thanks for linking up with Lemon Tree today!

  9. I saw something like this on Pinterest and love what you did! It looks great and I'm sure it brightens up the bathroom :) Love it!

  10. Thanks for linking this project up at www.thestuffofsuccess.com. Great idea.

  11. I have seen all the ones done with glue and was wondering if anyone did them in color...and you did! They look great! I like the simplicity.

    I'm following you now :)



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