06 September 2011

Finding God

This is where my friend Jamie finds God. What about you?


In the doe eyed baby girl taking the in world around her in wonder...

In the enthusiastic pastor, fresh from seminary, powerfully speaking the Word from the pulpit...

In the ecstatic newlyweds being showered with rice as they float together to their honeymoon getaway car...

In the grandmother whose soft, wrinkled face lights up with love for the family members surrounding her at her 90th birthday party...

I see Jesus in these people. He's there, sharing in their joy, soaking in their love because He is love.

In the man with dirty, shabby clothes, sitting on the street corner, holding up a sign...

In the eight year old boy who bullies kids on the playground in hopes of getting attention--any attention...

In the teen girl dressed like she's a whole lot older walking around the mall with a not-at-all genuine air of confidence...

In the single mom who has a hard time controlling her anger as her toddlers throw a fit at the grocery store...

In the dejected prisoner, behind bars for life for some greed-motivated crime...

I see Jesus in these people.  He is there, beckoning believers to be His hands and feet--to serve the least of these.

Yes, I see Jesus in these people.

The question is, Do they see Jesus in me?

The TRUTH is, I personally have stood in judgement of every single person on this list. My thoughts have ranged from What a complete brat! to He's probably just a drug addict. to Geez, put some clothes on already! to Can this lady not control herself or her kids? to There is no hope for him.  

It's human nature to think judgmental thoughts. 

It's God's nature to LOVE.

God is bringing me through a season of growth-- 

He has been reminding me that He is EVERYWHERE, and He wants me to meet Him there.

Lord Jesus, I want more of your LOVE, and less of my judgmental heart.



  1. I love this!! It was so beautifully said and so true!!

  2. Thanks for the opportunity, Laura. I didn't realize you were posting it so soon! :0) Hugs.

  3. What a fantastic reminder to me to be kind and compassionate. And to remember that I have more faults than the ones I see in others, but Jesus loves me anyway.

  4. i love how she turned it back around to our initiative. "i see god in them, do they see jesus in me?" yeah. i need to ask myself that question daily.

  5. i LOOOOOVE this post, like beyond words. this is my heart. to BE the love of Jesus flowing THROUGH me. i really really really enjoy your blog. following now! glad i found you!


  6. SO beautiful and so true Jamie! I had tears in my eyes reading this.

  7. Jamie!! That was a beautiful post, you have such a beautiful way with words!

  8. This is fabulous, Jamie! I love your spiritual posts...they inspire me to be better.
    Congrats on your first guest post! It was sure a great one :)


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