05 September 2011

Praying for Each Other

JenI would be so appreciative if people could pray for my dad, Alan. Specifically, for him to get better and finally be able to come back home. And for the brain damage caused from his illness to not be permanent. I pray that his test will be effective tomorrow after many failed attempts, and that the results will be good news.

Amanda: My husband and I are about to become first time "parents" to there boys ages 10,11, and 15. We've known them for most of their lives, and even though we're not related the state is placing them in our home as a kinship placement. We're definitely in need of prayers during this big transition!

Me: I've been in a funk lately. Just feeling down and lonely. Just a little prayer would help.


  1. I just prayed for all of you ladies. Be strong. You are loved!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! I'm praying for the other ladies as well!


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