02 October 2011

Day 1: Making Jam

As I embark on my 31-day adventure, I am under no illusions that I will come out of it with a more well-balanced life. Frankly, my current lifestyle just doesn't lend itself to that. 

But what I am hoping to do is to carve out a little time in each of my next 31 days to be more intentional, more thoughtful and reflective, more focused on my relationship with Jesus, and more careful to use the little time I do have the best way possible.


My friend Kellie and I got together tonight to make jam. We donned aprons, rolled up our sleeves, and got to work.

I was quite nervous. Canning seems so scientific. So precise. So difficult to do right.

But, unless we did something horribly wrong that we haven't figured out yet, it actually wasn't that bad at all!

It was so nice sitting and talking with a good friend, waiting for the mixtures to boil, and then tasting the sweet fruit of our labor.

[These last two pictures are from Kellie's camera]


  1. Congrats! My husband and I keep telling ourselves that one of these days we're going to learn to can - but we just haven't gotten up the courage yet. Then again, Dad and I once canned tomatoes with only 2 inches of water in the pan and all the jars popped and none of the food spoiled - so I guess it's pretty forgiving. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to following your journey :)

  2. Fun, I still haven't learned to do that and totally need to! Looks like fun!

  3. Wow, I would have been nervous too! But you look like pros- and I bet the result was delicious :)

  4. Oh how fun. I've always wanted to make jam. I loved when my grandparents use to bring me their homemade jam.

  5. I'm doing a 31 days, too. I can't believe I've actually blogged 5 days in a row!! :) 26 more to go!


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