02 October 2011

Day 2: Living In Community

Kyle and I are busy busy busy this semester. [We measure our lives in semesters. He's a graduate student and I work full time at a university...it's just what happens].

Yes, so this semester's a busy one. I feel like I'm working more and more each week [and it seems that new things get added to my plate daily]. Kyle is thriving in graduate school, is the president of his program's graduate association, and is loving his work.

Yet on Sunday nights we leave the books and the students at "home" and spend a few hours each week with our small group from church.

Living in community was easy when we were younger. In college, community was everywhere. From clubs to classes to the residence halls, communities were being built everywhere.

Yet when you grow up, move away from the college life, get married, start a job, or wherever it is you find yourself, finding community is hard.

We have been so blessed with the community we've found at our church. They welcomed us in and helped us get connected to people who are now some of our best friends.

A huge part of finding balance for me is spending time with this group. Sharing life with them. Praying for them.

As our group grows and expands, Kyle and I are prayerfully considering helping to lead an offshoot of our group so that we can continue to welcome others.

What a great way to spend the eve of another week...remembering that we are part of God's community.

Can we pray for you this week? Email your prayer requests to iamalongfortheride @ gmail . com


  1. I do not know where I would be without my community that has surrounded me with love and encouragement. It's so important to have that.

  2. Community is so important, thank you for the reminder! I'm so glad God made us with the need for community - it makes life so much more pleasant!

  3. Two of my favorite authors who write about living in community are Jean Vanier and henri Nouwen. My favorite book of Vanier's on community is called Community and Growth. For nouwen, it would probably be Daybreak..

  4. This hits home for me today. The church my husband and I go to is 45 min. away...so finding that local community has been a struggle for me.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. {not on topic at all, but my husband is also a grad student, so i'm loving your blog and totally know where you're coming from with the craziness of trying to find balance. i'll be sticking around after these 31 days are up :) }

  6. That's super exciting! My new community here at A&M has been amazing. I don't know what I'd do without them! And I will also probably start helping lead our group next semester... I've missed that part of my former Mizzou life!


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