05 October 2011

Day 5: Taking a Step Back

This summer I got a "smart phone." I went from a phone that made good calls and took average pictures to one that has a great camera, keeps me on time, let's me check my blog reader, and, of course, gives me my email.

Starting this new semester at work, I have not been able to keep up with my email. I've been more stressed then normal. And I've been missing important things that were sent to me via the inbox.

The culprit: my smart phone.

The first thing I do every morning after I turn my alarm clock off- check my work email.
I check work email when I'm at lunch, sitting on the couch, out of town.

I read emails, they slip to the bottom of my inbox, and by the time I get back to my office, since the emails are no longer "unread," they're no longer a priority.

See this? It's my phone.

Each time a get a work email, this little button lights up and displays a number from 1 to a zillion.

And I just can't leave that little number there. I have to check it!

So today I marched into our university's tech store and had them remove it.

I feel better already!


  1. Hi there! Following you on GFC, found you from Soleil Selene's link up from last week.

  2. Loving your 31 days series! I had the same issue with my phone - I had to take my work email off because by the time I got into the office to deal with the content of those messages a) I'd been thinking about work and not where I actually was and b) they'd slipped down the priority list and I was actually LESS efficient.

  3. good for you, sister! isn't it funny how something that's meant to be convenient can become more of a problem because it upsets your usual habits?? i'm still trying to decide how much of my life to let the smart phone in on.

    also, i, too, work for a university. we're university pals. :)


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