10 October 2011

Day 9: Yesterday and a Request

I'm home this morning, taking it easy until 10:30am.

I worked most of yesterday and tonight I'll work until 5, and then go back in from 8-10pm.

It's hard to feel balanced when your schedule looks like that.

But reading back on my other posts, seeing the time spent with my husband and friends has really helped.


A request-

I would like to do a vlog.


Not really knowing what to talk about, I thought it would be fun to answer some reader questions.

Do you have any thoughts/ideas/questions you'd like me to chat about? Feel free to leave a comment and I'll get recording!


  1. Your schedule is quite hectic! How do you manage finding time to blog, create for your shop, stay connected and continue your job?

  2. oh you're so brave!! a vlog!! i hate the way i sound on tape, so i'm not that ambitious!!

    so questions to ask...
    --what does your husband study??
    --what kind of work do you do at the university?? (i.e. outreach?? administrative support?? IT??)
    --what is your favorite food??
    --best birthday present ever.


Thank you for coming along for the ride with me. Your comments make my day!