10 October 2011

Day 10: A Little "Light" Reading

I've been trying to read the whole bible for quite a while. I've tried various programs. The bible in 90 days, the bible in a year. I've read Genesis and Matthew about a billion times.

But I've still never read the whole thing.

I'm participating in 365 Days of His Word with Fly with Me, and although I'm definitely not where I want to be, the women who are involved have been so encouraging.

One suggestion was to write down every book of the bible, pray and ask the Lord where He wants you to go, and then read that book. When you're finished, ask again and keep on reading.


  1. Is it bad that I totally giggled at GENIUSES instead of Genesis? That blasted word predictor! But I want to read it all the way through too...and never have made it to date. :) You inspire me.

  2. well, that's a cool way to do it. never thought of that, but it makes sense.... thank you! blessings, cat (www.catdmoore.com)

  3. I used that pray and go technique and in 3 years, I read the Bible cover to cover, without pressure and with joy. This year, I've been following a 365 chronological plan and I love it just as much!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement! I want to read the whole Bible and have started over and over but never followed through. I will start again.

  5. Laura,

    I found your blog via someone else's and enjoyed browsing. Thank you for letting me stop by to see the 31 days of reading God's word and dining balance, the craft ideas, and the option of praying for us. I'd love prayer for God's clear leading for us right now, and for a cheap reliable used car. :) Thank you!

    How can I pray for you? For the stress of seminary pressures?

    Have a wonderful week!

    Jennifer Dougan

  6. good for you for trying. i admit, i've only done it twice intentionally ... once when in bible college, and the second time was in an intense discipleship group where we did it together. the accountability is the thing, i think.

    the list of the books seems like a great idea. then you could pop around between OT and NT, and get suggestions, etc. and who cares if it take 5 years?? :) i may just need to steal that idea :)


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