12 October 2011

Things I Love: Woolies

I have a sweater on today. I don't care if it's still a little warm, it's October, and I'm ready for my woolies!



  1. I love sweaters! I love the scarf too. :)

  2. Nice ones! I am thinking of my scarves and boots would be on my list!!!

  3. how do you do the 4 pictures in 1 thingy?

  4. Oooh! Nice woolies are my faves too. Although at the moment I'm sitting here in capris and a singlet {it's very warm in Australia at the moment}. I got some lovely "wrist worms" this time last year that were handmade all the way from Sweden. If you like woolies, do look them up. Too cute. That flower is very sweet, as is your blog! Thank you for sharing. xo


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