22 November 2011

I'm "Blank" Because

This idea came from  Little Miss Momma (and I've seen it on lots of other blogs since). 
I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon as well- with a few additional categories.

I'm weird because...
I have the strongest sense of smell ever.
I hate wearing socks.
Lately I've been sleeping with 7 layers on my side of the bed

I'm awesome because...
I have sweet glasses.
I can play the piano (although it's been a while).
I'm cozy (according to my husband that's the word that best describes me...best compliment ever).

I'm a bad friend because...
I hardly ever call.
I hardly ever return phone calls.
I moved so far away.

I'm a good friend because...
I would give my friends anything I had.
I listen.
I ask how I can help.

I'm a bad wife because...
I'm not very patient.
I hate to cook.
I don't always listen when Kyle talks about nerdy things to me.

I'm a good wife because...
I do all the other chores in the house (some more cheerfully than others).
When my hubby holds out his hand for me to dance with him around the kitchen, I usually do.
I am relying on the Lord (I owe all my good stuff to Him).

I'm sad because...
My family lives so far away.
My husband is stressed about finishing school and finding a job.
So many are without homes/family/food for Thanksgiving.

I'm happy because...
My parents come to town today.
I am on a much needed break from work this week.
My favorite holiday is just a few days away.


  1. How cute!! I love that you two dance in the kitchen! :)

  2. I hate to cook too! So glad I'm not alone in this!

  3. I have an uncanny sense of smell too! Must run in the family. It can be a good thing and sometimes a bad thing. Depends on what you smell......


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