10 November 2011

Learning Patience

I've never been a very patient person.

And the truth is, I've never really had to be.

After high school, I knew I would go to college. I got into my top school.

After college, I knew I wanted to go to grad school. I was accepted into my preferred program.

After grad school, I knew what I wanted to do. And now I'm doing it.

But next year is different. There is no "I'm here, and then I'm going to go here."

I feel like I'm here, staring the future in the face, and it's a giant blank canvas. I'm here and realizing next year might be totally, completely, undeniably different.

Since I work professionally at a college, I measure time in semesters, so next year for me is next academic year. Next August. College move-in.

Next fall semester we could be anywhere...and frankly, I'm a little scared.

My hubby graduates with his masters in May. He will job search in an effort to get the best job (that I know he deserves). His next steps make sense. They're linear. Straight forward.

Me? I have no idea what is next. And between you and me, I'd really, really like to know.

I truly believe God provides. In times of need and uncertainty. He is there, filling our cups, directing our paths, and often giving us what we didn't know we needed in the first place.

I also believe that God's time is glorious, although for us here on earth, it can be confusing, difficulty to understand.

Why now God? Why not then God? Why can't it happen today? Tomorrow?

I just need to be still. Be patient.

Will you pray for me?

During the next few months, as Kyle and I figure out what's next for us. 
As I learn what my next steps are professionally. 
As I strive to be an encouraging helpmate to my husband. 

Will you pray?


  1. Absolutely sweet friend!!! *HUGS*

  2. Patience is hardest for me too. I'm glad I stumbled by here today, I really needed this post! I need to remember to patient for the things I want!

    I will pray for you, I hope that you find your course, and that it doesn't take TOO long :)

  3. I've been in this position since January. It's not fun. Please pray for me too

  4. Prayers Laura. Patience is a tough one for sure. When praying for patience you will definately be tested and boy is it hard. The crazy thing about patience is that it comes up sooo many times in our lives. It's like you have to learn it over and over again in so many stages. Good luck girl and hang in there!

  5. Yes, I'll pray. But I feel certain you will find joy wherever you go and in whatever God gives you to do:).

  6. I will definitely pray. I have been in this place more times than I can count or remember and know the feeling too well. You're in good company. :)

  7. I will pray. Just keep seeking the Lord's will then you WILL find out what it is that he has for you. SOmetimes it is staring you right in the face and sometimes you have to search it out in God's word.


  8. We will be praying for you. You are such a sweet girl-and obviously with a heart seeking God's best for you. We seem to be in the same position. After 10 years of touring-with hubby's band and with other bands, we are making a huge switch. He's pursuing a career in firefighting and it's a long road to get there. Everything is an unknown-but God knows! We are learning to be patient, too. It's hard, but so good for us. You are in my prayers!

  9. We'll be praying. I (Kelli) struggle for patience in a different way...to not yell at my 4 busy busy kiddos all day long. But I totally get this post and yes, I'll pray for you and all the others waiting for God to reveal His Plan for them (:



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