14 December 2011

On Journaling: Stephanie's Story

I'm so excited to bring you Stephanie's story [from Sand and Starfish]!

I’ve always been a journaler, a writer of my thoughts, a notetaker if you will. I’m a very emotional person so being able to keep a journal has also been good for me. It gave me a way to release all my emotions instead of bottling them up and one day having them explode for good or bad. It helps keep me balanced.

I’m not your typical journaler though. I don’t just write down words. I also take down pictures. Facebook hasn’t been around forever so taking pictures and actually printing them out was kind of a big deal to me. I have journals with words here and there and pictures plastered everywhere. Random Dove chocolate wrappers glued beside them, ticket stubs, fortunes from fortune cookies, dried flowers… all things that my own written words could obviously not replace. These are more like scrapbooks to me.

More recently I started a prayer journal. What an amazing release! It’s exactly like talking to God but with a much more needed sense of privacy. I know my 3 year old can’t understand me when I pray to God out loud but to be able to re-read my prayers and see just how much God has blessed me and answered them is such a sweet feeling.
So I have my written journals, my scrapbooks, my prayer journal and then there are these…

My fashion journals.
It all started when I would get a lot of clothing catalogs and style magazines in the mail. I’d flip through them, doggie ear the pages that had the things I liked on them and even go so far as to put stars or circles around the item descriptions and circle the size and color I’d like.

As if someday someone would flip through them and order everything I liked for me. But the reality was that no one would and then the catalog would end up getting tossed in the garbage. It was like a little piece of my starred heart went away with it. So then I started tearing out the pictures of the things or the outfits I liked, grabbed a notebook, and just started gluing the pictures in.

I’ve always loved fashion.

Designer names never really meant a lot to me.

Just the clothes. The way articles of clothing would come together to form amazing outfits.

The great confidence underneath the layers of beautiful clothing.
And it’s a fun way to look and see how much or how little my taste has changed. And from flipping through, I can honestly say, I really have the same taste now as I did when I started the journals.
Not only that, but it’s also a nice piece of inspiration to be able to flip through. Sure there’s pinterest and polyvore, but let’s face it… it’s much easier to flip through this fashion journal while standing in my closet staring at my clothes than it is to lug my laptop in the closet, find a place the dogs won’t step on it, and browse and browse and browse until I find something I may like.

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