14 January 2012

Day 14: Journaling Through January

Make a list of 10 books you would like to read this year.


  1. Oooo! This is a great idea! And having the list in my journal will help when I am looking for a new book to start and I can't remember any of the ones I wanted to read ;) So smart! I have been loving journaling through January! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  2. I just got the Hunger Games trilogy for Christmas and I'm determined to read all of those this year. I'm a slow reader, though. 10 might be a little high for me. I'll shoot for 6!

  3. I love reading and have a stash of books ready to read. This year I'm determined to read more non-fiction and inspirational books.

    Lesley...I just finished reading the last book of Hunger Games. They were good and I'm super excited for the movie in March.


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