09 January 2012

Featured Sponsor: Royal Daughter Designs

I'm so excited for you to meet my friend Amanda from Royal Daughter Designs

She is such a talented lady. Her creations are beautiful and she has an even more beautiful heart!

I'm so grateful to be bloggy friends with her and so appreciate her support and encouragement!

So, say 'hi' to sweet Amanda!!


Who I am:
I am...
...a Christ Follower
...in love with my husband
...a foster mom to three boys
...a country girl
...a graduate student
...both outgoing and private at the same time
...living with firbromyalgia free of all prescription medication!

that's me and my man. he's a hottie
I do...
...have a thing for black labs
...divide up my skittles and m&ms by color before I eat them
...eat super healthy (except for those skittles and m&ms!)
...make my own shaving cream & furniture polish
...enjoy reading a good book
...play the piano

those three boys - God brought them into our lives in September

I do not...
...wear high heals
...like shopping
...watch scary movies
...decorate well - I call my mom to help!
...like tomatoes
...wake up easily or early
...do laundry until I absolutely have to

I have...
...had back surgery - when I was 21
...never been outside of the U.S.
...worked in veterinary medicine - for 12 years!
...had nearly all of my childhood dreams come true
...the unconditional love of my husband, my parents, and my in-laws
...a few more gray hairs than I like to admit!

I wish...
...to go to Europe someday
...that I manage my time more wisely
...I practiced grace a little more and justice a little less
...that I could leave my Christmas nativity out all year long
...I could play the guitar
...I had a DSLR :)

What is Royal Daughter Designs?

At RDD I do...
...try to make your blog design a reflection of who you are
...strive to be affordable
...value my customers and their questions
...offer a customizable premade design for just $35
...value integrity and trust

Want to know more? You'll just have to head on over to my little corner of the internet, now won't ya? Royal Daughter Designs is where I let all my creative juices flow freely. I also share a few more details about my real life, and about my faith over at DAES of Our Lives. If you do stop by, please let me know you did!

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  1. Thanks for the feature! You're a blessing to me!

  2. on my way to her blog right now! thank you for sharing!!!


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