09 January 2012

Praying for Each Other

Each Monday I post our prayer requests.
Feel free to email your requests to me and I can post them here or next week.
Amanda: I would really appreciate prayer for my daughter, Maddie.  She is 10.  Suffering with terrible headaches.  We are in process of trying to find the cause/find answers.  I hurt for her so much, seeing her in so much misery.  Thank you in advance for praying for her.

Kathleen: I have a brother in Florida who got divorced about 3 years ago and has been unemployed for a while now. He has a 9 year old son and had him every other weekend.  We found out on Wednesday that he's been on a drinking binge and went a rampage and hit his girlfriend and her son.  He resisted arrest and was put in jail.  We don't know a whole lot.  Someone posted bail for him and he will have to wear an ankle monitor.  He really needs help.  Please pray that this crisis will bring him to his knees and that he will turn to the Lord.  Also be praying that he will get the help he needs. 

Monique: I'm not sure to phrase it exactly...I will just tell you what's going on...we are experiencing a very difficult money situation. As of right now I'm not surr if we will have money to pay next months rent. And to top it off my husband was in a minor car accident tonight.  I just feel so overwhelmed. I started an etsy shop to help bring in money but I haven't had any sales. I just feel like giving up! Please pray for us.

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