06 January 2012

Getting Organized [and growing up]

I'm not picking a word for 2012, but if I were to pick a word it would have to be grow...

as in grow up.

Because I work full-time at a university.
Because we live for free in a residence hall (hey-o perks of my job).
Because my husband is a graduate student.
Because we works insane hours.
Because our lives are measured in semesters...

We're a little stuck.

Stuck living in a college town with college students doing college-y things, but we are in fact not in college.

We're adults, ya'll.

And my hubby and I need to start acting like it.

So we're getting organized. Well I am anyway (and he better be following my lead).

I took a trip to Target. I had 30 minutes to get the supplies I needed for operation grow-up-already.

- New notebook for work. I keep a running to-do list (with little boxes I draw so I can have the satisfaction of checking things off.
- Blog- and shop-only planner. I have an amazing planner from Much Ado About You where I keep all my work appointments, church stuff, life things. But for the last year I've been keeping my blog and shop tasks in my head and on various sticky notes strewn throughout my craft room. It is so not working anymore.
- A new journal. Obviously.
- And that little skinny thing you can hardy see in the picture is a magnetic white board calendar I'm using as a family calendar and meal planner.

So what does growing up and getting organized mean?

- Kyle keeps a better handle on our budget and continue to sock away the pennies while we're living rent-free
- I plan meals, like actual food, that we cook and enjoy at a table.
- I make a shopping list for above meals instead of just throwing things in the cart that I'd like to eat after I'm done shopping.
- We make time to connect each week, planners in hand, and map out a date night. Nothing fancy. Just one night a week where we spend quality time together.
- We connect each week, planners in hand, to figure out what the heck we're doing. I work 50+ hours outside of the home each week (plus blog/shop/church). Kyle is a graduate school fool, graduating in May and finding a job. We have got to get our schedules in synch.
- We work out for real. For the love of Pete it's time to get serious.

So yea, I'm exhausted just reading those!

At the end of the day, I think all of us blogger types love making lists, checking things off, writing down things you've already done just so you can check it off.

That's why I bought you a planner too!
[well one of you that is, the rest can go to Target, they're on sale]

We can be robin's egg blue planning, list making, world conquering twins!

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  1. im awful awful awful at organization, and im being honest when i say i have no tips....i also need to wake up and start organizing!


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  4. I am so forgetful that I need to organise everything just to remember to do things. I have a big organisational folder which keeps everything in the one place. I hate having more than one place for things because I never check them all and then I become confused and sad. :)

    and my email is samanthajoyburton@gmail.com

  5. My best tip...I make lists too. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who loves to check things off-it makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something. My email is nmarkosky@comcast.net

  6. I am a follower via google friends

  7. I follow you on Twitter, too!
    I'm @SweetCGrace.

  8. Hey there:) I saw that planner at my Target and just couldn't get myself to buy it because we're on such a tight budget that it would be a luxury:)
    Organization is so IN ME! I have multiple calendars around the house and office (I work on a campus too - what a coinky-dink!)and each calendar is for something different. But I don't have anything for my bloggy...I use stickies, too, or pieces of paper, or my phone sometimes. But, then I forget where I wrote down all the ideas..ay!

  9. i follow your awesome blog too:)

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  12. Oooh, it's so pretty!
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  13. I totally follow you on twitter as @FabFlawed!

  14. Honestly, I suck at organizing (it's my new years resolution too). What I've found helpful though, like you, is lists!! I love a good to do list. Also, I have a huge cork board in my room. It has helped me so much! I can put different lists so I don't misplace them on the board. I also put quotes and random letters on it. For me it's an easy way to keep little things I love in an easy-to-get-to place.

    Hope that helped!


    (Haha, perhaps I should work on the growing up too, I mean look at my e-mail address!)

  15. Haha i love your post. I love *being* organized but it's so hard to get there! List-making is my secret. I also have a Household noetebook where I keep recipes, blog stuff, etc. It just gets too much and I forget something otherwise! :)


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  18. Haha "do all the stuff" - I love it ;)

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  20. Write everything down and check constantly. I used to rely on mental notes to self and they get lost sometimes.


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