09 February 2012

Inspiration Workshop: Organization

Each month, Gussy Sews hosts the Inspiration Workshop. Maggie provides us with a prompt and asks us to share what it means to us.

This Month: Organization

When I think of "organization" I most frequently think of the organization of stuff in our home and how we're keeping things neat, tidy, and liveable. For my inspiration, I headed to pinterest and my "storage" board!

For me, organization is about using the storage you have in the most efficient way that makes sense to you (or the person who does most of the cleaning and de-cluttering) and to others (or the people whom you'd like to put their stuff away).

I'm the only person who goes in the craft room (except for the occasional pesky kitty) so my system of organization only needs to make sense to me.

For the rest of the house, thought, it's got to make sense to my hubby too. For the most part, I  create and maintain our systems of organization, but if it doesn't make sense to my hubby, I have no hope of him helping me out!

With that being said, I'm always in need of help when it comes to staying organized at home. [Our kitchen counter has become a dumping ground for any paper, book, magazine, or piece of mail that enters our home.]

Here's me dreaming:


here, here, here, here


here, here, here, here


here, here, here, here


here, here, here 


  1. i love the use of color you've shared... especially the yellow. so pretty! :)

  2. I love all these images. I wish I could have a house with much prettier storage.

  3. organizing is not one of my skills. i wish i had someone to help me with it! have a great weekend! susan

  4. This IS inspiring! I love organization, but I am not good at making it look pretty like some people do--but I really love it. Thanks for the wonderful eye candy :)

  5. Hi ... I am a new follower and love your blog!

  6. Oh I wish I was that organized! Everything is so neat and so cute. I'm checking you out on live.laugh.rowe blog series. I'm a new follower and I cant wait to see new updates. I hope you have a great weekend.


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