11 February 2012

The Other Day...

- The other day my alarm clock went off during church. And the worst part was that I whispered "that's embarrassing" looking around for who did it, and then realized it was me. Oh geez.

- The other day I got all this for a song at Salvation Army! Woohoo!

- The other day I fell in love with this song by Mumford and Sons. Listen here.

- The other day was laundry day. I had an adorable helper.

- The other day I watched all three episodes of The Finder. Kind of silly acting, but generally pretty good. 

- The other day I realized a not so hidden talent. I am so darn good at card games. Like seriously.

- The other day I saw a young woman walking around with boxer shorts on over her leggings. Is this a new fad? Just wear pants, ok?

- The other day I lost complete control of my email and am still drowning a bit under the weight of my inbox. 

- The other day I added these beauties to the shop.  

- What about you? What did you do the other day?


  1. The other day I did 3 exams, yeah!
    The other day I did one more.
    The other day I baked mini-cupcakes, yummy.

  2. The other day I watched The Finder too!!!
    The other day (night) I slept on the couch because my hubby has a bad cough and I couldn't fall asleep :(
    The other day I made and sent out Valentine's Day cards :)

  3. The other day I finally started season 5 of Friday Night Lights. So good!

    Love your new store items- so pretty!

  4. The other day, I slept all day, woke up to eat, then slept some more. It was awesome. Sooo awesome. Then I found out my boyfriend is coming to see me next weekend. Oh yeah.

  5. The other day I got mad at my husband and drove 45 miles to the nearest city just so I could go to Hobby Lobby for some retail therapy. :) I only spent $20 so that's okay.

    The other day I sat in a McDonald's using their free wifi just so I could get out of the house and get some work done.

  6. I love your salvation army finds! and your new shop additions. and your laundry helper! :)


  7. i wish i can make more projects again--but these are so pretty enough to inspire me love them all :)

  8. so jealous! major thrift store score!

  9. I love that Mumford and Sons song! So good!! xoxo


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