12 March 2012

My Faith Story

[This was originally written as a guest post for The Pless Press.]

When I was asked to share my faith story, I was thrilled.

But that was about a million months ago, and I'm just sharing it now.

Writing my story got buried under other things for a few reasons:

Yes the holidays were busy
Then my shop was busy
And work was busy
Also life at home was busy

But the real reason was that I got a bit overwhelmed with it all.

Share my story of coming to Jesus, 
asking Him into my heart, 
recognizing myself as a sinner in need of a savior, 
watching my life take dramatic steps forward 
as I chose to be dependent on the Lord?

Whoa. That's a big story.

But when I think back, becoming a Christian was so simple. Following Jesus, although I am challenged by Him daily, is the most natural, most organic thing that has happened to me.

Our hearts were created to yearn for Jesus.

And that's exactly what mine did.

I grew up in the Catholic church. I was baptized as a baby, went to mass and Sunday school each week, and tried my best to connect to God through religion.

Although I grew up hearing about Jesus, I can't say I really knew who he was. 

It wasn't until I went to college that I started to seeking Jesus for myself, on my own, with my own questions and frustrations. And I started to get real answers.

I was exposed to the character of Jesus. I learned who He was and why He died: for me.

I became a Christian my freshmen year of college. It was during a Sunday service at a local non-denominational church. I remember sitting down during worship because it was all too much. I started to feel the weight that "religion" had placed on me. I started to cry and open it all it to the Lord. 

I just wanted Him. 

Simply Him.

Like I said, asking Jesus into my heart was easy. I had been doing life on my own for so long, making excuses for so long, being strong for so long. Letting go was so easy.

Please know, though, that being a Christian is not easy. Anything but, actually.

Renee Swope wrote in her book, A Confident Heart:
"Salvation is a one-time decision, but finding satisfaction in Christ and living in the security of His promise is a daily process."

It sure isn't easy. It's a process. Daily.

She goes onto to say,
"Learning to live in the security of God's promises is a daily journey of dependence."

I think that quote sums up my faith story. 

My story started with parents who heard God's call to raise me in a loving home and church.

It proceeded with tough questions and one simple answer: Jesus.

And it continues with a daily process of finding my joy and my definition in Him. Of falling and getting back up. Of constantly seeking His will and learning to be completely dependent on the only one that can fill me up to overflowing.  


  1. what a wonderful post! agreed sis accepting Jesus is easy but living for Him is always a daily miracle---God bless!

  2. so awesome! thanks so much for sharing your story. its so awesome that His mercies are made new each day.

  3. love it. :) God is so good!


  4. thank you for sharing your story, I have a very similar one growing up in the Catholic church not realizing the relationship was the key, the 'being' instead of the 'doing'. It is liberating! I totally can relate to and understand your not wanting to do anything but be quiet. I am also at that point, but not doing enough about it like you are! good for you! we will still be here when you come back!


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