22 February 2012

On Journaling: Prayer Journal

from Goodknits

I've been journaling now for a while, and in those many years the way I use my journals has changed and shifted. 

In high school I wrote so much about the people in my life and the day-to-day activities.

In college I focused a lot on releasing my stress and getting organized.

In graduate school I wrote about the future that Kyle and I were planning.

And although I still write about those things (my struggles and strengths, current events, and our life and plans), so much of my journal is filled with prayers now.

Prayers of pain. Prayers that sound more like deep sighs. Prayers that look like heavy shoulders.

Prayers of hope and trust. Of remembering my life verse

Prayers of praise. Prayers of worship.

In between church notes and favorite scripture versus, my journal has become a dialogue with the Lord. A way that I can begin to incorporate prayer into my daily routine. It has helped me strengthen my friendship with Jesus and learn to come to Him with my thoughts and desires.

I love reading back through and seeing how the Lord has answered my prayers and has used scripture to speak to my heart.

Overflow Living has a great list of items to consider including in your prayer journal:

- Things that God has taught you
- Versus that apply to the situations in your life
- Bible study notes
- Definitions
- Sermon notes
- Confessions
- Goals, dreams, desires that God has placed in your heart
- Prayer requests
- Answered prayers

Do you keep a prayer journal?


  1. i was just contemplating starting a prayer journal during lent! perhaps this post is a sign? :)

    1. Autumn, I was thinking about the same thing! I get hung up on stupid stuff when I journal though. Like my handwriting, or using the same pen...how middle school-ish is that!? Ha!

  2. this is awesome Laura!!!! a lot of times i have so much on my heart... and what an excellent way to write down my prayers!
    thank you!
    maggie :)

  3. such a great idea!! I've recent made myself a prayer journal but I don't find myself using it enough. this is just what I needed to see! thank you

  4. I have a prayer journal, but sometimes it's really hard for me to do it every day. I WANT to journalize every day, so I am praying that the Lord will help me!!!!!




  5. I used to keep a journal in high school and college but have since only written on rare occasion. I think keeping a prayer journal would really help my prayer life flourish.
    those are helpful prompts.

  6. Thanks for the ideas to put into my prayer journal. A lot of times its just a dialogue with the Lord. It would be good to have it a little more streamlined and filled with scripture. :)


  7. I enjoyed your blog and will visit again. I'm a new follower.

  8. The journals you've pictured are gorgeous. It's amazing how much the things that matter to us change over time, isn't it?

  9. Hello there! I found your blog via The Pless Press and am excited to follow along. I really enjoyed your story...I love meeting other christians in the blogging world. I blog over at Blessed to be a Blessing. I'd love to have you stop by and take a look. Thanks!
    Alesha <3

  10. Thanks for hosting, Laura! Hope you're having a blessed weekend :)


  11. Laura, I really enjoyed this post! I also have a prayer journal and I'm always trying to figure out different and new ways to use it. Like you, my journaling has changed with the seasons. Especially love the idea to journal on answered prayers. Wonderful to fill a journal with things we've seen happen through God's grace!


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