12 February 2012

Rosettes are Coming [to a shop near you!]

I'm oh so close to stocking my shop with my favorite hand-rolled fabric rosette items in pretty new colors.

Now featuring: yellow, green, plum, carnation, mustard, red, cream, blue, gray, and peach

You can look forward to all your favorite items (plus a few new ones) in the solids above and a few vintage patterns.

I'm trying hard to get them listed soon, but I'm just not sure when.

If you're interested in pre-ordering any rosette items, I'd love for you to be the first ones to own my new rosette beauties!

Small rosettes: bobby pin
Medium rosettes: pendant necklace, hair clip
Large rosettes: hair clip/brooch combo, headband (stretchy or metal)

The vintage fabric will also feature these same sizes and items and will be available soon.


  1. Those are beautiful. I love that shade of yellow!

  2. These are beautiful! I also wanted to tell you I am a new follower of yours and am joining you for the series Grow Your Blog!

    Feel free to check out my blog: http://mylifeunmasked.blogspot.com

  3. Your rosettes are so perfect!!! I'm a huge fan of roses. I learned to make rosettes when I participated in a button swap a while back... I used my buttons (and rosettes) on an altered clip board. :-)

  4. LOVE! I love rosette necklaces!!

  5. Found you via the Blog Hop! I am a new follower :) I just love your blog and these rosettes are just adorable.

    If you are interested head over my way: www.chasingoursunshine.com


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