26 March 2012

Featured Sponsor: Pig & Paint

Well, hello there! My name is Alison, and I am SO excited to be here at Along For the Ride. If you can picture it, I’m doing a happy dance right now, which is sort of like the running-man meets the cabbage-patch in fast-forward with a lot of random high-fives and fist pumps.

I’ve been following Laura’s blog for several months now, and consider it an honor to be able to partner with such a wonderful woman of God. I hope those of you reading this will continue to enthusiastically support the great work she is doing by spreading the love of Jesus, one inspiring blog post at a time.

I write a blog called Pig and Paint, where I feature my adventures in foodie-ville (Pig) and home décor-mania (Paint). I’m married to a faux-hawked, man-cessory rockin’, face-melting-guitar-solo-playin’ worship pastor, who’s pretty much brilliant in every way. He makes weekly appearances on my blog. I work full-time for a great company in the wireless telecom industry overseeing marketing and communications, and am consequently a weekend DIYer. So, to those of you who feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day -- I can relate!

My husband and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area – literally a stone’s throw from Napa. We are parents to a hilarious boxer dog and a crazy parrot (anyone want a parrot? Just kidding…maybe). My inspiration for food and DIY creations stems from a deep-rooted stubbornness that lives somewhere between my liver and large intestine, and gently encourages thoughts like, “Surely, I can make that,” and “How hard could that be?”

Famous last words, right? Well, it turns out practice does make perfect, and while I won’t lie and say that everything I create is a touchdown, my batting average sure has gotten better. {Football’s the one where they hit the ball and try to get it in the basket, right?}

My two favorite projects to-date are my Capiz Shell Chandelier and my Painted Rug. Both were definitely worth the effort and saved me a TON ‘o money – and that’s important to this Costco-loving cheapskate…not that Costco has anything to do with this. I just love Costco, and that is all.

On a food-related note, I’m kind of crazy about eating arepas right now. My latest arepa creation involved A LOT of chipotle peppers in adobo. I will neither confirm nor deny that my love for food recently led to a jeans-not-fitting-incident, which was both tragic and hilarious.

So, swing on by Pig and Paint – the door is always open! Many thanks to Laura and her fabulous readers for allowing me the opportunity to hang out with y’all today! God bless!!


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