26 March 2012

Spring Cleaning: Starts Today

It's spring break around these parts. I closed up the residence hall on Friday and said goodbye to my last few students Saturday morning. I have since held in the urge to run around the empty building, thankful for the peace and quiet.

This week I have a big to-do list at work, and an even bigger to-do list at home.

I'm going to spring clean the heck our of our apartment. Evey last inch. No space is safe.

Some things I hope to accomplish:
- Organize organizational systems (it's amazing how all the bins and baskets just become catch-alls for who knows what)
- Dust everything
- Continue to purge my closet
- Thoroughly clean seldom cleaned areas in our house
- Clean our the craft room so I can get back in the craft room

How am I going to accomplish these things this week?

By taking one room a day and attacking it.

On the schedule:
Today: bathrooms
Tuesday: bedroom/closet
Wednesday: kitchen
Thursday: living/dining room
Friday: various other nooks and crannies (closets, laundry room, etc).
Saturday: craft room

I'll share my tips and tricks along the way!

I've got the windows wide open (a luxury while campus is quiet) and I can't wait to dive in!


  1. You are so organized about this! I just now got everything spring cleaned, but I definitely wasn't this good about it.


  2. This is a great list thanks!! I'm trying to get motivated!!

  3. Good Luck! I am purging today and probably ALL week...we did a remodel in our kitchen and I have decided to purge 90% of what was in my drawers and cupboards! I took one nice load to the thrift store today. YAY!


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