29 March 2012

Spring Cleaning: Bedroom

The bedroom wasn't too difficult. Mostly just clutter control.

- washed linens and made bed 
- emptied nightstand drawers, threw lots of stuff away, cleaned drawers, put items back (fun fact, hubby has three flash lights and a head lamp in his drawer...I guess you never know)
- sticky lint rolled lampshades (lots of dust and cat hair)
- dusted and organized tops of nightstands and put books back on the bookshelf

- dusted dresser
- purged old lotions and potions
- got rid of a few jewelry pieces (shop my jewelry box anyone?)
- dusted antique tray and bowl
- reorganized perfumes
- emptied each dresser drawer, wiped out drawer, replaced items
- purged t-shirts, socks, and undies
- organized jewelry box
- continued to purge closet- 4 big bags to take to Goodwill and counting!
- somehow I forgot to vacuum so that's on the list

And some tips:

- Don't cut corners. If you're going to the trouble of spring cleaning, clean everything (so spot left un-dusted!)

- Open the windows. Things always feel better when the breeze and sun are filtering in.

- Look at each item in your closet and think hard about the last time you wore it and the next time you think you will wear it. Donate if your answers are "forever ago" and "never." Donate if your answers are "I'm not sure" and "maybe someday." Donate if your answers are "last week, but I didn't feel good in it" and "meh."

Do you have any bedroom/closet cleaning tips?


  1. LOVE your necklace hanger/door re-purposed.. so so lovely. do you have a tute for that on your blog? and i would love to shop your jewelry box.. i bet you have some great things!!

    ... i would add, move the bed & clean underneath -- i'm always amazed what ends up down there with 2 kids in the house!

  2. your bedroom is so pretty! :)

  3. I need your necklace holder! LOVE it!!!

  4. I REALLY need to do this...thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Love the kitty on the window sill! :) so adorable!

  6. your room looks so pretty and peaceful - where did you get that duvet? I love it!


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