06 June 2012

Creating Content That Counts

*Originally shared on the Better Blogger Network*
So you’ve just started a blog, or maybe you’ve had one for a while now.
Your design is perfect. You’ve got a button and a grab code. You’re on Facebook and Twitter.
But now you have to write. All the beautiful bloggy accessories are no match for real, quality blog content.
Maybe folks find your blog through social media or are directed there by friends. But however they find you, and once they find you, creating content that counts is what will keep them reading your story.
Create original content
It’s so easy to find a few favorite projects on Pinterest and post them (with sources of course), or feature some of our favorite new Etsy finds. And that’s great! But it’s no replacement for original stuff. My favorite blogs are my favorites because they are sharing tutorials that they actually made for projects that are now in their homes. Or sharing recipes that they cooked for their families. That’s good stuff, and that makes me want to read more! 
It’s comfortable to take the easy road when creating content, but don’t, or at least not always. Challenge yourself to create posts that others will want to re-post to Pinterest and link back to you.
Create meaningful content
It’s no secret that most of us started blogging to share a bit about ourselves with the world. We all have a desire to be known, even just a little bit, or we wouldn’t spend hours taking pictures, typing away, promoting ourselves, and smiling when we get a comment or two.
Personally, I don’t just read blogs. Not really. I try to come along side of the blogger and learn her story (and we all have some pretty amazing stories to share).
So help your readers know you by creating content that is meaningful to you.
Now you don’t need to air your dirty laundry or share things that you’re uncomfortable with, but showing a glimpse of your life–your real life–will go a long way in helping readers connect.
Being a little vulnerable, asking for prayers for a recent struggle, sharing a picture of your ever-growing ironing pile (eek, maybe that’s just me), will show that you aren’t a blogging robot, but a vibrant woman, wife, mom, and blogger.
Create themed content
Stumped what to write about each week? Create a themed-plan for the various days and share what’s on your heart, in your kitchen, on your walls, in the craft room.
For example, Kim at Oh Sweet Joy has “Handmade Mondays” where she shares a bit of handmade goodness to kickstart our week. Every Monday, Lisa Leonard says “Hello Monday” and encourages readers to do the same and share their links in the comments. Lots of women are inspired by The Pleated Poppy to post their outfits for the week and link up with her on Wednesdays.
Every Friday, I post some of my favorites things from that week around the internet such as blog posts, products, etc.
Abbie at Five Days...Five Ways has a whole week set out for her readers. She features “Move-It Mondays,” “Try-It Tuesdays,” “Wardrobe Wednesday,” “5 Things Thursday,” and “Feature Friday.”
Having themes throughout the week helps you stay organized and inspired. It also helps your reader know what to expect when they visit.
Something I’ve found very useful is to always keep a notebook handy for when inspiration hits. If you think of a post topic in the grocery store or at church or while sleeping (it happens), capturing your idea is key to creating content that counts!
Happy posting!

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