21 August 2012

29/30 Weeks

Just got back from the doctor and Baby D sounds perfect! The doctors always laugh when I pull out my little notebook and fire off my questions, but I don't want to miss anything. I can just see my son rolling his eyes when I do the same thing on his first day of Kindergarten, when he gets his driver's license, and when we drop him off at college.

I think I'm finding my groove being home and I've enjoyed these past few weeks I've had to myself. I try to get real, actual stuff done early in the day (like laundry, cleaning, meal planning, etc.) that way if I fall asleep for the rest of the afternoon or cross stitch until Kyle comes home, I don't feel bad about it.

This pregasaurus rex is getting bigger and bigger. Grow baby grow!

This weekend Kyle finished painting the changing table and we put together the crib. I find myself just staring into it, imagining the little boy that will sleep there.

I have clearly known where babies come from for quite a while now, but until this experience, I don't think the incredible-ness of it all really made sense. Kyle and I created a child, God gave us a child, that didn't exist before. We're bringing new life into the world and I'm the keeper and protector of it for 9 whole months -- and, of course, long after that. It's funny -- I worried that after I quite my job I would miss feeling needed. In reality, there will never be a time where I am needed more -- needed to provide nutrients, water, a home, to my tiny growing boy.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

I think if we ever question God's amazing plan for us and His incredible creativity, beauty, and faithfulness, all we have to do is look at pregnant ladies' bellies and we will be reminded just how amazing our life really is.


Baby D, we're getting ready for you! You now have a place to lay while we change your diapers, you have a little bed, and daddy is working hard on painting the rocking chair. Just a few more details and your sunshiny nursery will be done!

Jupiter cat took a little snooze in the crib the other day. She approves and is keeping it warm for you. Sorry, but we'll have to kick her out when you come along. She hogs the bed anyway.

Oh how I long to hold you and kiss you little one. You must be getting bigger because your momma sure is. Isn't it amazing how we all start out so small and tiny in our momma's bellies and then grow up to be big and strong?!

There's a big world waiting for you to arrive- 10 weeks and counting (give or take depending on when you're ready to join us). And at first the world is going to seem so big. But I promise, Baby D, that there's a special place in it just for you. A place for you to share your skills and talents, a path for you to pave, a niche for you to find.

Even though there will be lots of babies born on the same day and in the same place as you, each one is so very special. Did you know that God knows every hair on your head? Every tiny eyelash? He knows you even better than daddy or I will. And He will help you find your place and direct your footsteps. Always look toward Him and you will find your way.

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