20 August 2012

Lifting Our Voices in Prayer [and Praise]

Jelli: I'd love to take you up on the prayer requests petition. Please add mine, if you can. My family is looking for an apartment to rent. We are currently staying with some good friends after we gave up our apt. in March to go to Italy volunteering with Youth with a Mission. Now we're back home and need to find a place of our own. God's guidance for the right place would be phenomenally appreciated.

AlysThank you for praying for me last week. This past week has been amazing with my husband and our new baby boy. We have felt joyful and rested each and every day. He's a really chill baby and does not cry much. (for right now) Praise God that we have been able to really enjoy this time with our son and with each other. He has shown us more of Himself this week than I have ever seen in my life before. I will be posting later this week about the heart change I've gone through and Ryan will also guest post on my blog about it.

Sadie: Her and a friend are submitting a small group plan to their church by Wednesday. Pray for clarity of vision as they move forward developing a plan to lead young women in small groups.

Can I add your request to the list?

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