25 August 2012

A Comfy Place to Sit

One of our favorite things to do is entertain. As we're setting up our new home, creating a space for friends has been really important.

[Finding friends in our new area has been a bit harder than decorating our home, but that's another story I suppose.]

But...the homeowners before us left their big 'ole flat screen TV [seriously bolted] above our fireplace.

This is funny/challenging for two reasons.

First, we don't really watch TV. We didn't have our TV out in our old apartment (we kept it in a closet). We don't have cable. We get 3 sporadic channels on this beast of an HD television.

Second, this make furniture placement a huge challenge. With the size and layout of our living, we have to put our couch and chair on the same wall facing the TV. Ugh. This does not lend itself well to intimate gatherings and conversations.

I'd love to find a few smaller chairs that we could place around (or pull out when company is over) to create a comfortable feel, without us having to strain our necks or be forced to stare at the tube.

You with me?

I'm in love with some chairs I found at interior addict.

Do you have any suggestions on where to look for comfy cozy places to sit? How do you make your house feel like a cozy home for guests?

This post brought to you by Interior Addict.

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