24 August 2012

Coffee Date: Shop Updates

Hi Friends! Happy Friday.

If we were sitting down to coffee together, I would be busting at the seams to tell you some of my new ideas for my shop.

The future of my shop has been on my heart for a long time -- some days I'm tired and frustrated and other days I'm brimming with inspiration.

After some advice from a friend, I am making some changes and cannot wait to see how things unfold in the new year.

- I will be closing my shop early October for maternity leave. I will be doing some big 'ole sales in lieu of holiday promotions since I'll miss out on the after Thanksgiving rush. It's my personal opinion that everyone should wake up to bias tape earrings under their Christmas tree!

- I will be discontinuing rosettes from my shop (this includes necklaces and headbands -- it does not include bias tape earrings. Those babies are forever!). I love them, but I need to make room and time for new ideas.

- I have some big ideas about how to incorporate new materials, use old items in new ways, and make each piece even more personal and special. In order to help me reach these new goals, I will be putting some current items on sale.

- First up, my rosette pendant necklaces. Originally $15, for a limited time you can grab one for $8.

- Also, I have lots of necklace bails (those little metal things that turn the rosettes into necklaces) and fabric strips if you're interested in purchasing those supplies.

So I would tell you all those things and probably ask for your thoughts. Do you have suggestions for my shop? Anything you'd like to see?

Gosh, change is exciting, and scary, but mostly exciting. Here's to new things in the new year for the Along for the Ride shop!

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