14 August 2012

Feeling Beautiful

I'm over at Sashes to the Merchants today talking about eternal beauty, and I'd love for you to join with me on the conversation!

As you may know, I used to have really long hair, then I had really short hair, and now I'm in that awkward season of trying to grow it out a bit.

It's a horrible season.

Combined with tons of I'm-too-young-to-have-gray-hair feelings [no hair dye until after the baby], and maternity clothes that I'd just rather not wear, I was feeling low yesterday.

Then my hubby said those magic words,

"I need a haircut. You want to get haircuts together?!"

We do a lot together, but a couples haircut was a first for us.

I just got a little trim. Enough to look a bit better, a bit more like myself [or how I like to look anyway]. Just enough to feel ok with this time of a changing body and expanding belly and really, really gray hair.

As we walked out, Kyle told me,

"you're always beautiful, but you're even more beautiful when you feel beautiful."

Read the full story here.

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