27 August 2012

Lifting Our Voices in Prayer [and Praise]

Will you pray with us?

Bess1. my mother & stepfather (he has had cancer (now in remission - praise God), but has trouble with anger & control) 2. me, I left my last job that was an absolute nightmare (I couldn't believe my profession could be so corrupt), now I am looking for a job & so uncertain of what I should do - no doors seem to be opening.  

Shaka: My son and I are having difficulty with our passports and are unable to move with my husband for a month and a half, and during that time we are going to be displaced in the states and living on my cousins couch.  I'd just like some strength because it's going to be a lot of work, patience, and money. 

LesleyCan I ask you guys to lift my family up in prayer this week? My oldest son has left home to work in another city and is struggling. Please lift him up and pray for extra grace for him?

KathleenMy husband and I just found out (through a friend) that our son is separated from his wife.  My son was literally brought up in the church and is a member of our church.  His wife is also a Christian.  They've been married 4 years now.  It is just breaking my heart.

Can I add your prayers and praises to the list?

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