06 August 2012

Sponsor Feature: Twillypop

I'm so excited to introduce you to Sara of Twillypop today!

Sara is a beautiful writer and talented jewelry maker.

One of the things I love most about her is that she isn't afraid to make the changes necessary for her and her family. To be happy. To put her trust in the Lord.

She recently announced that she was closing up the Twillypop shop, a heart-heavy decision but a "moment of clarity." Although I'm sad to see her beautiful store close, I so admire the honesty in which she shared this decision and the prayer that went into it.

"I have  been doing a lot of talking and praying, but not a whole lot of listening.  The answer has been coming to me in bits and pieces for a few weeks now, but I have been afraid to listen. In talking with my husband this morning, all of the sudden it was settled and things were clear.  I need to take a hiatus from my etsy shop. Most likely a permanent one.

Sigh of relief. Moment of clarity."

I hope you will spend some time getting to know Sara. She's on a quest to live better! To be healthier 
and happier, to cut bad habits, And she honestly shares the struggles and triumphs along the way.

"One of our Pastors said something like this last Sunday in his message about wisdom:Our future is the sum total of our daily decisions before God.

I was struck by how absolutely true this is of every area of our lives. How we live today matters, whether it is our spiritual man or our physical man. ALL our actions {habits} have consequences.  What my life looks like today has much to do with the daily decisions I have made over the past decade{good and bad.} How healthy we are, the state of our marriages, our businesses/jobs, or our kids can all be positively or adversely effected by the decisions we make today."

See why I love her?

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