06 August 2012

Raising our Voices in Prayer and Praise

Hear our prayers Lord. Those spoken out loud, those hidden in our hearts.

KathleenMy husband and I just found out (through a friend) that our son is separated from his wife.  My son was literally brought up in the church and is a member of our church.  His wife is also a Christian.  They've been married 4 years now.  It is just breaking my heart.

Please pray for reconciliation and for my son to be open and receptive to God's word.  Also for humility to admit his mistakes and for him to seek counsel from his pastors.  Please also pray for my protection for my daughter in law during this time.  Thank you so much.

Kate: Pray for the teachers and students starting a new school year in the next few weeks. There are nerves all around, and starting the year off smoothly is so important.

DianaI have a praise that our beautiful baby girl, Audrey Noel, was born healthy and safely last Saturday, July 28. She has already blessed us so much and we are so thankful for her!

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