21 September 2012

Firmoo Review

I'm so excited about my new pair of glasses from Firmoo. Like I said in the video, I had a great experience working with the company and couldn't be happier with my glasses.

A few things:
- I mentioned that my other pair of glasses are the "high-end ones from the eye doctor." I did not mean to imply my Firmoo pair were not high-end. I was instead making a comparison in cost. Whereas a pair from your doctor might cost you a couple hundred dollars, Firmoo has glasses starting at just $8. And quality? I'm very impressed with the high quality of my Firmoo glasses -- equal or better to that of my other pair.

- A free pair of glasses? Yup! All you have to do is pay shipping [only applies to first-time customers].

- Already have a pair of glasses from Firmoo? They are currently offering free shipping on orders over $39.00.

Do you wear glasses? What pair would you pick?

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