17 September 2012

Lifting Our Voices in Prayer and Praise

JenniferMy husband and I are believing for financial provision. We've got some major expenses coming and its quite stressful. We're doing all we know to do to save what we can and it doesn't seem to be adding up as quickly as it needs to. He could use more hours at work, I am hoping to sell a bunch of stuff at some upcoming craft shows/fairs and we could use an old fashioned miracle!

AnonymousA friends Father is waiting for a double lung transplant! Please pray for peace for the family through the process.  

Tricia: My hubby has a big job interview on Wednesday for a position that would be absolutely wonderful! Please pray for God's direction, peace for his interview, and this season of transition in our lives.

AlysMy spirit is very discouraged lately. Bryant has been sick and I feel overwhelmed with getting everything done. I feel inadequate with crocheting. I haven't been able to figure out how to make these new things for my shop and it really has me feeling down. My mom started radiation and chemo last week and I was just hit with the realization that cancer is a long process and it made me very angry. I'm not sure why I am feeling all of these emotions. It's a little crazy. I'm not even sure what I'm asking you to pray for I just know I need some prayers. I feel like I can't do it all right now and definitely need some prayer.

Anonymous: Lately I can use a ton of prayers to help lift me up. My boyfriend and I are going through a stressful few weeks (nothing to do with our relationship-we are happier than ever with each other :) its just other things that are weighing heavy with us) I can't really get into what but I just would love for some good awesome positive energy to be sent our way :)

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