15 September 2012

Real, Beautiful Alys

"Here's a photo of a time I felt extremely beautiful. These pictures were taken about a week and a half after Bryant was born. Something that makes me feel beautiful is being in nature. Going camping, rock climbing, exploring a trail. Those kinds of things make me feel beautiful even if afterwards I'm a sweaty mess. Something about being in creation makes me feel like I'm valued and beautiful. Something that makes me feel eternally beautiful is coffee dates with fellow Christian women. Being able to talk about struggles I am having with someone and realize that I'm not alone in that struggle always makes me feel valued and eternally beautiful. Plus it's just nice sometimes to get out and hang out with a girlfriend so you know you aren't crazy. Thanks for doing this series. It has definitely made me think more about what I put my value and beauty in."


You're beautiful, inside and out, I'd love to feature you here! Email me at laura.c.denlinger @ gmail . com with a photo of a time you felt really beautiful. Tell me what makes you feel beautiful and what makes you feel eternally beautiful. For more details go here.

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