26 September 2012

What's For Dinner

The cooking continues in my kitchen and it's starting to get easier...and taste better.

I'm finding so much gratitude in seeing my husband enjoy a meal that I prepared for him. Wow, I never, ever thought I'd say that.

Ok, here's what's been cooking. Will you share your favorite recipes in the comments?

world's best potato salad
I made this for lunch when Kyle's family visited for Labor Day. Fun fact-- I hate potato salad and didn't eat any of this because potato salad is gross. But Kyle and his family loved it! They said it was the best they ever had. Success! Note to self: This is how you hard boil an egg. Commit to memory.

chicken taco soup
A home run and lots of leftovers. I might use just two chicken breasts next time to make the pennies stretch even further. This was so good, like seriously good. It was a bit spicy for me so I will adjust next time. We topped it with sour cream and cheese. Note to self: next time use one can of tomatoes with chilies and one can without. Go easy on the taco seasoning. Buy Fritos!

homemade taco seasoning
This was super easy to make, and with the exception of coriander, I had everything in the kitchen already. Note to self: Keep on making this and have it on hand!

*Feel free to link any favorite recipes in the comments. I'd love to try them!*

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