04 January 2013

Newly Purposed

Yesterday was a hard one.

For the past few days, Sam has been super cranky. He doesn't want to swing, he doesn't want to play. He is such a tired boy, but he really doesn't want to nap.

Wednesday was Kyle's first day back at work after the holiday. Wednesday was bad too, but I mustered lots of patience that day.

Yesterday my patience had run out.

There was a point where I put him in his swing while he wailed, big baby tears rolling down his face. I had to sit on the couch for a minute, tears rolling down my face as well. Lord, I said, give me strength to find the joy in this new season during the worst of baby days.

I felt Him remind me of my new role, a role he created me for, a role he has been preparing me for my whole life.

My beautiful cousin Jana has a beautiful blog, Jana's Three Dresses, where she signs each of her posts "newly purposed." That phrase has been on my heart lately and I thank Jana for the insight she is sharing on being newly purposed in the Lord.

I am newly purposed. My life looks different now. In some ways it is harder. Living it out now for someone else.

I drink more coffee than ever before.

But in all ways my life is more joyful, even during the most difficult days. In all ways my days are more full as I watch my son grow, learn, smile, try to roll over.

I am newly purposed as a mother to the cutest little boy in the world.


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  1. Newly purposed is a great way to think about ... that term resonates with me as well. Hang in there ... you are doing the most important job of all :)

  2. Such great perspective. There are a lot of rough moments and days. And then there are those times where my heart feels so much joy and gratitude. Keep up the great work with your little cutie.


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