01 January 2013

To New Beginnings

2012 was quite the year.

We found out we were pregnant in February.
Kyle graduated with his Master's in May.
We moved to North Carolina, and into our first house, in July.
Kyle started his new job in August.
We welcomed Samuel Noel into our lives in October.

2013, you have some big shoes to fill!


I've been thinking about new beginning lately and how the start of 2013 is so special for our little family.

I do have some resolutions/goals/things I'd like to work on this year (see below).

But instead of losing or getting rid or cutting something out, I really just hope to gain this year.


Gain more confidence and courage in my role as a mother and wife to the two best guys I know.
Gain self-esteem and love for my new post-baby body.
Gain a deeper relationship with our Lord and become best friends with Jesus.
Gain motivation and passion for my blog and shop.
Gain new skills in the kitchen, the home, the craft room.
Gain stronger friendships with some amazing women here in NC.


And to keep me accountable...


follow along with Jesus Calling every day
attend weekly bible study at church
commit to reading plans using my YouVersion bible app (first up, Made to Crave)

pray for my husband
reflect on new ways to show him love and respect
encourage him as a father

continue to show my son unconditional love
begin a foundation for faith
get rid of my guilt over difficult post-partum and nursing experiences

find joy in becoming healthier
be intentional with the time I have to myself
stop being so hard on myself

only keep what is useful and beautiful
do more with less
do not let a clean home become an idol

find a job
balance life as a working mother
make a timeline for going back to school if that's where the Lord wants me

be faithful
support, love, and encourage others
cut out the junk and get back to basics

get excited about my newly improved shop (opening February 14), see success, or cut my losses
make things to gift to others
learn how to embroider (and possibly crochet)

Only the Lord knows what 2013 will hold for me, and like years before it, I find comfort in his absolute faithfulness and provision. Praying for a healthy, happy, hilarious, heck-of-a 2013.

Planner from Much Ado About You
Post inspiration from Sew Caroline

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  1. Laura,

    Where in NC are you? We are back there in May.


  2. What a awesome list of things to gain. You always inspire me with the way you think about and look at things. Here's to 2013!


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