11 February 2013

A Bible Falling Apart

But what about a bible half-read?

Or a devotional unfinished?

A prayer journal collecting dust?

Spiritual routine has been so hard for me to establish -- finding consistent time to spend in prayer and then carving out that space in my day again and again. I've tried various verse-a-day devotionals. I've tried to read the bible in a year but fall short every time -- I've read Genesis and Matthew more times that I can count.

But instead of coming down hard on myself, I am pouring on grace -- I am not allowing myself to wallow or feel angry with my lack of discipline. I am giving myself grace to start again. Because time with  my Father is worth it. Because God can use a life spent reading and rereading Genesis and Matthew, a life of falling away and then coming back again.

Right now I'm reading Jesus Calling and really enjoying it. I find the casualness and relate-ability of the words so comforting and awakening. I am [slowly] following the 1000 Gifts devotional with a friend. I am also following The Prayer Dare from Royal Daughter Designs. 

How do you carve out time for the Lord each day? Do you follow a reading plan? A devotional? I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. I struggle with this as well. I feel like I have read a million devotionals or books halfway through. I journal a lot. Last night I went to my inlaws to spend the night because husband was out of town. I left my journal but had my bible. I was so disappointed. But the Lord convicted me that I was focusing too much on journaling and not enough time in His Word. There is a balance that I need to find. Thank you for your posts. They are encouraging! I pray the Lord continues to use you!


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