19 March 2013

Doing It My Way

I'm sure you've noticed that I've taken a step back from blogging lately. Well, maybe you've noticed. Maybe not.

I have.

I've taken a step back from blogging, email, twitter, Facebook -- all that online stuff.

I keep saying it's a baby thing. That I don't have the time or energy to devote to my online space like I used to. And that's absolutely true.

Well, it's mostly true.

I've also taken a step back because the blogging world has gotten really big, but at the same time, really small and I've seen some things that I don't really like.

Don't get me wrong, there are lots of things that I love. But there are also some that I'm not in love with, and I think this extended maternity leave has helped me sort through some bloggy baggage I've been carrying with me.

So much of those months before Sam was spent in front of a computer screen -- sharing and pinning and tweeting. So much work yet so little writing. So much promoting yet so little fruit.

Sam is 5 months now and in that time I've hardly written anything and that's been absolutely fine with me. I've enjoyed my time away, connecting when I can, not feeling guilting when I can't.

Moving forward, I'm going to be doing this blog thing my way. It's funny to have to say that about my blog, but I am saying it.

So what does that mean?
- I used to lose sleep over how I can be more successful in the blog world. Well, I have a full-time job and I'm not looking to add blog conference speaker to my resume anytime soon. I don't see myself at a blog conference in the near future either.
- I am so over giveaways -- you will see very few around here and only for products I love
- I will be working with very few "sponsors" and may not bring that program back. The blogs and products you see on my sidebar are my friends, companies I love and believe in. Simple as that. 
- I am so confused by Facebook pages. So only some people see my posts? I have to pay or something?  Oh geez. Not really sure if I'll keep mine.
- I don't think I've read a blog in forever and my Google Reader is out of control [RIP Google Reader]. I am switching to Feedly and just adding 20 blogs that I can commit to engaging with.
- Oh Twitter, you stress me out. The time I spend there is directly related to feeling bad about myself as a blogger [am I the only one?]. I will pop by, but you probably won't see me there much.

I know that these changes might sound all too blunt or honest. It might sound like I'm setting myself up for failure, or that I'm doing this all wrong.

But like I said, I'm doing it my way.

My way isn't caught up in things I don't enjoy or doing things because I feel like I have to. 

My way is getting back to the heart of what I love most about Along for the Ride: 

sharing my story
connecting with others
writing, writing, writing

So what do you think? Sound silly? I sure hope you'll stick with me and share in my journey! And I would love to share in yours. Please leave your blog address below so I can visit!

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  1. I think this sounds wonderful. Good for you to do what works for you and your family. I think it's easy to get too caught up in the numbers game. I love the posting and sharing and connecting, but sometimes it just gets to be too much. It helps that I try to be disconnected when Henry's awake. (Except for Instagram because I love taking photos.) but then when he goes to bed, it's go go go. Sometimes I need a break from it too. A book is in my near future.

  2. Good for you! I, too, am trying to step back a lot, but it's so hard when I'm really trying to grow my business to help support our family. It is too easy to start comparing myself with others, and that's not a good place to be. God is good though, and I'll keep attempting to find that balance.

  3. I think this is great, Laura! I have been thinking/praying about what my blog and online life will look like once the baby arrives. It can feel overwhelming and that's not the point of blogging at all. I'm so glad to share this community with people like you!

  4. I think this is a great idea. I feel the same way about it all. There's so much to keep up with and when you're a mom working 24/7, that stress is something we can opt out of.

  5. You have basically just expressed everything I feel right now about blogging. I am totally with your this. I am back to blogging for me and my friends and family who love to read my blog. No more stressing. No more guilt. No more blog envy. Just me. Like how it started 4 years ago whenu first moved away from my family. Thanks for sharing your heart and validating my feelings.

  6. Love this, Laura! There have been times when I think I should try harder at blogging and market myself and all that, and then I think, that's silly. I blog because I like to share my heart, my thoughts, and my interests. If only my friends and family read it, that's okay! :)

  7. Hooray for following your heart. Enjoy that sweet boy.

  8. i totally understand what you mean! :) i'm going through the same thing.

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  10. I totally get it - good for you! I hope my blog made the cut :) but understand if it didn't. By the way, I've really been enjoying the Sammy pics on Instagram! He's a cutie :)

  11. I am with you! It should be how you want to do it, it's your blog! I am anti any type of formula, pressure, etc. I appreciate your honesty, it's refreshing!

  12. I definitely feel this same way. I don't really understand the point of "growing" one's blog if all one posts are giveaways and sponsor posts. I understand that many women make money off blogging these days, and that is totally fine, but I think the writing part of blogging is definitely getting lost. I don't think any of us should have to follow some crazy formula. I think we should just write from our hearts. If you want to stop by my blog, feel free! If not, no worries. I understand that life is crazy busy and I totally respect what you are focusing on. God bless!

  13. Amen. I have felt the same way...so much pressure to sell and get 'big'. It's not uncommon for me to go weeks without a post, and then to have a stretch where I write 5 days in a row. But, really, the important thing about right now is spending time being a wife and mom and real-life friend. Blogs are fun and inspiring, and there are a handful of ladies I enjoy connecting with. I was glad to see that Reader was going, because it will allow me to be choosy with the blogs I continue to read. Thank you for sharing...and your hair looks darling getting all long. :)

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  15. Laura, I can totally relate! My blog used to be for and about my family. Then I got into the "what can my blog do for me?" mentality...but that was too much for me. While I do enjoy hosting the occasional giveaway that's not why I blog. My little Abi is just a week or so younger than Samuel and I can't believe she's already 5 months old. We've gotta treasure these little ones while they're small. Yes, some "me time" is well and good but they grow up too fast. I'll be back from time to time to "catch up" and if you're in the neighborhood stop by for a visit...jamespurejoy.blogspot.com. God's richest blessings!!

  16. Those thoughts are all too familiar to me too. Be true to yourself and you can never go wrong :)

  17. I couldn't be more in line with this. Seriously, friend, we are definitely on the same wavelength. I LOVE your three simple goals for your blog. LOVE. I'm simplifying, getting back to blogging for me, and cutting out the "frills." Big hugs. Miss you. <3

  18. I love this post. I think a lot of bloggers feel this way, but so few are brave enough to admit it. I will always be a follower of your lovely blog.


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