25 March 2013

Our House [Master Bedroom]

When we first moved into our house, when the rest of the house was just chaos, we spent a lot of time retreating here. It was the only calm place in our home.

The first of four rooms with yellow walls. You will be hard pressed to find a space without yellow.

Just keeping it real with the ironing board. You can't see the pile of clothes waiting to be put away that I cleverly slid out into the hallway.

Some of our favorite photos. Sammy, wedding invite and wedding pic, and our very first picture -- we were just babies.

I can't wait for Saturday morning when Sam is older. He'll come running into our room and climb in our bed. The cat definitely won't like sharing, but she'll get over it.

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  1. It's just beautiful, friend. Looks so relaxing!

  2. This is just lovely! I love the blue and yellow together and I love all the personal touches, particularly those photo frames and the artwork above the bed. You have such a touch for decor.

  3. Looks like a great place to sneak off and take a nap. :) I love the blue.

  4. Oh, I love getting peaks into people's homes! This bedroom looks like such a haven... love the space you've created! :)

  5. I'm too in love with all of the tiny details! It really makes the room. And cute color scheme. LOVE!

  6. your home is so pretty & very serene! yellow is a must in our house too! :)

  7. love it! Did you make the art over the bed?

  8. I love all the pretty yellow and mixed with the blue - totally love your style!


  9. just got caught up on your postings and love your house!! your bedroom is so cute and i love those initials above your name! love the eclectic look, that's how i decorate and the stories behind many of your decorating items is so sweet...that is what makes your home so special. your baby is sweet and you look so happy! btw-glad you are blogging your way, stay true to your heart and God's leading.

    1. oops meant "love your initials above your BED".


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