27 March 2013

Our House [Nursery]

I've shared our nursery before, but that was before we really had a baby living there. Things obviously look similar, but after 5 months of a baby, things gotten a little more real. Cloth diapers hanging. Sheets spit up on. Baby rolling around on the floor.

Some things about Sam's nursery:
- He loves Freddie the Firefly, his mobile. Freddie plays four different songs and flaps his wings.
- As the son of a librarian, Sam already has quite the collection of books.
- I sure hope he likes dinosaurs. Many of the aforementioned books are about dinosaurs.
- The bar with toys above the changing tables is an amazing thing.

Oh, hey baby. Just enjoying your room I see.


  1. That is a cute baby. Who's his daddy?

  2. Laura, I love the nursery and that little Sam is very cute!

  3. That toy bar is awesome! What a great idea :)


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