12 June 2013

Gosh I'm Grumpy

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed on Monday, and a few days later, I've yet to find the right side.

I'm so darn grumpy this week.

I'm mopey, impatient, tired, sour, bored. Blah, blah, blah.

I need a vacation -- and conveniently one is right around the corner. We head to the beach on Saturday and I am counting down the minutes.

But until then, I feel like my head may explode. So much to do! Some pressure is real, some is just silly.  Lord, help me to determine where to focus my attention, calm my stress, and help me be more joyful this week!

I'd love to know: How do you get over the grumps?

And to get us all out of the grumps, an adorable picture of Sam. 


  1. Laura...your blog looks great! I can completely relate to having 'blah' days and weeks...for me, I need to carve out time alone. (An early morning walk, a little nap while the kids nap, spending some time reading or being creative) Also, spending time with the Lord and doing something for someone else typically helps me. (Even just reading a short passage...like Psalm 100, or writing an encouraging note to a friend) Hoping today is better for you! *Sidenote...have you heard of a book called "Introverts in the Church"? I recently read it, and it was so affirming and wonderful. It helped me see some things differently, and gave me lots of ideas of how to embrace my introverted-ness as a specific gift from the Lord instead of something that hinders me from doing typical, extroverted ministry. Check it out!

  2. How can you have "blah" days with that precious little man? There are just days when things aren't as good as other days. It'll pass.



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