31 December 2013

Packing Up Christmas

Christmas 2013, like every Christmas before, was a whirlwind -- the good kind. Lots of anticipation and traveling, time with family and friends, sharing in gifts and surprises, indulging in a few too many cookies and glasses of wine.

Also, lots of time playing with our new toys!

[He was on a very important phone call with cookie monster.]

But if it is so good, why am I always in such a hurry to pack up Christmas? We drove all day Sunday, and by Sunday night, Christmas was put away. 

I think a big part of it is, after a week of traveling, the desire to get back to "normal" hits hard. To start the new year fresh: house clean, fridge stocked, decorations down. 

Now that Sam is growing up, I'd love to keep the holiday spirit going, even just for a little bit. I don't want him to forget it all after the hangover of new toys has passed.

I'd love to know: what things do you do with your little ones to celebrate Christmas, the New Year, and traditions year 'round? How do you keep the holiday spirit alive for just a little bit longer?


  1. Wonderful pictures! We are in a transition this year, our first year as a 'new' family. We are trying to create our own traditions but I'm not very creative. Most of the traditions I had growing up revolved around Christmas itself and before we knew it, it was over. I put away most of my Christmas things yesterday in preparation for our party tonight, but the tree is still up! :)

  2. Yay! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas as a family. I would love to establish some traditions as our son grows up, but I agree, I'm not always very creative. That's what Pinterest is for, I guess :)


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