21 January 2014


- I love all things Money Saving Money, but this post really hit me hard this week.
There is beauty in being our real authentic selves. Because it’s only when we are our true selves, that others can love us for who we really are — messes, struggles, and all.
- I am a sucker for a quick pick-me-up when it comes to my closet a.k.a. buying something cheap/ill-fitting/convenient just so I can feel good for like 2 seconds. I love this post about the author's new fashion philosophy. I'm sort of maybe thinking about this and possibly in the future going to make changes to the way I buy and wear clothes.
But I, like most of my girlfriends, have fallen into the trap of believing having a “closet” full of clothes, in a healthy clothing rotation, was what culture required. God forbid I wear the same outfit twice in one month, let alone twice in one week. “They” can’t think I don’t have “enough” clothes to show my individuality. Duplication is unacceptable. And because of this insecurity, I have a closet full of ho-hum, ill-fitting clothes that were purchased out of desperation...
- I have a major love/hate relationship with Pinterest lately. But one thing I do love about Pinterest in Edie's Life on Purpose Pinterest board. Also, the tagline for Edie's blog, Life in Grace, is "living it up, writing it down." That is perfection.

- Perusing that Pinterest board led me to one of Edie's blog posts on her (u)nword for the year. What a great idea, picking a word you want to get rid of in 2014. I chose contentment as my word of the year. What would my (un)word be??
I think if we really valued and learned to enjoy our daily labor—remembering that Christ hides Himself in our vocation—we would see the miracle that He works, as He takes the meager offerings of  our daily grind and turns them into blessing and nourishment for the world....My vocation is just me, doing my daily work, to serve and bless others.  And in God’s economy, there are no meaningless jobs or chores—only the work of our hands, redeemed and sanctified by God, to bless those around us.
I'd love to know: read anything good on the web lately?

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