04 March 2014

...And I don't even feel bad about it

[Some days my living room looks like this, and I don't even feel bad about it. This is just our collection of board books, by the way.]

I recently read an article on The Bump about various confessions from new moms. Hilarious!

Some of my favorites:

"I am rear-facing my kid as long as possible, not really for the safety benefits, but so she can't see me eating snacks and drinking soda." -- Marsha W. I can relate. Sam knows what the milkshakes from Chick-Fil-A look like and I have to be all secretive and drink them in the kitchen while he plays in the living room. Momma doesn't always like to share.

"Once, when my baby was asleep, I took the baby monitor to my neighbor’s house so that I could get out of the house and have some girly time (and a glass of wine with my friend)." --Susan O. Yup, done that. I was closer to Sam sitting in my neighbor's living room than I am when I sit in my own living room.

"I teach my boys how to make armpit farts while they are in the bathtub (a life skill all boys need to have!)." -- Shelly C. We taught Sam how to say the word "poop" the other day. 

“I accidentally walked outside with one of my boobs hanging out about once a week or so. My teenage neighbors are going to be sad when my son weans.” -- Aimee K. Ok, I've never done that before. But, back when I was nursing, I walked around the mall for a good 10 minutes before I realized my nursing pad was hanging out of my shirt.

And, I don't even feel bad about it.

I'd love to know: anything you want to fess up to?


  1. You can never have enough books! I love to see kids sitting surrounded by them. My confession: I nursed my babies for a really long time. Not only because of the health benefits and the bonding but because I loved the added cleavage!

  2. My living room looks the same way, just add a dog and some chew toys! LOL!

  3. Haha - I love this! I give my baby a toy in his crib at night so when he wakes up in the morning, he plays quietly and I get an extra half hour of sleep! I certainly don't feel bad about it!


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